Hot Spring Resorts to Visit in Laguna on Rainy Season or BER Months

Who says the rain could stop you from having a weekend outing? Swimming isn’t just made for summer, right? You can do it during rainy season or even the cold BER months!

If you worry about getting cold once you’re out in a swimming pool resort, then opt for a better choice for this season — hot spring resorts.

Laguna is known for numerous hot spring resorts particularly in the town of Pansol. But there are warm natural swimming pools in other parts of the province as well.

Here are some hot spring resorts in Laguna which you may visit this rainy season or during the -BER months.

Villa Teresa Private Resort (Pansol) – hot spring resort with a spectacular view of Laguna lake.

R & R Resort and Spa (Pansol) – try their medicinal sulfuric hot springs and swimming pools with hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing experience.

172 Mutya Hot Spring Resort (Pansol) – aside from the therapeutic natural spring water filling up the swimming pools of this resort, have your best getaway while staying in the Spanish-inspired house and be relaxed with the greens of Mt. Makiling.

88 Hotspring Resort (Calamba City) – I think this one’s owned by a Korean, not sure about that. The swimming pools here are either for recreation or healing. So if you want to have the best of these two purposes, visit 88 Hotspring Resort.

Hidden Valley Springs (Alaminos) – if you want more of the natural attractions, then this one is the best pick. One of the most popular (but not among the cheapest) spring resorts in Laguna, Hidden Valley Springs can give you such a memorable getaway — even if it’s not summer.

Splash Mountain (Los Baños) – this resort and hotel is among the best choices in this part of the province. Experience good facilities but still within your budget. And of course, the soothing promise of natural spring water.

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