Resorts located in Nagcarlan, Laguna

For those who are planning to visit Nagcarlan a beautiful town in Laguna, you might look for their resorts.

Aside from eight mountains located here, this town also have beautiful places to relax and enjoy.

Here is a list of Resorts in Nagcarlan Laguna.

Batis ng Sinipian Resort
Brgy. Malinao, Nagcarlan Laguna

Casa De Tobias Resort
Brgy. Alibungbungan, Nagcarlan Laguna
(049) 5631-063 / 5265339
(02) 7943471

Gemini Resort
Brgy. Bambang, Nagcarlan Laguna

Lorenza Resort
Brgy. Sinipian, Nagcarlan Laguna

RGO Resort
Bgy. Sabang, Nagcarlan,Laguna
(049) 890–729 / 0929-8687-602

Royo Mountain Resort
Brgy. Sil. Napapatid Nagcarlan Laguna

Villa Arceli Resort
Brgy. Tangalan, Nagcarlan Laguna

Villa Gregoria Terrace Resort

Brgy. Buboy, Nagcarlan Laguna
(049) 563-3656 / 807-0405

Villa Martha Resort
Brgy.Malinao, Nagcarlan Laguna

Villa Sotoya Resort
Brgy. Banago, Nagcarlan Laguna

Villa Sylvia Resort
Brgy. Banago, Nagcarlan Laguna
(049) 563-1810

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