Laguna Promotes Tourism on a Downloadable App on Google Play

Seems like the province takes promoting tourism and keeping up with the digital trend seriously. Go to Google Play and search for “Laguna app” and you’ll see this.

Through the initiative of outgoing Board Member Neil Andrew N. Nocon and the team who developed the application, Laguna app or eRApps (shortened eRizal apps) is now widely available on Google Play for smartphone and tablet users. This app is mainly to promote Laguna as a whole – its people, products, and places.

As there are quite a number of results when you key in “Laguna app” on Google Play, search for the one that has this image:

Laguna app on Google Play (2)

Laguna app will serve as digital guide for tourists who want to explore the province. It is also a new tool to be used by local educational institutions in teaching the young people of Laguna more about their hometown beyond the pages of textbooks.

This app also brings the history and culture of Laguna to a modern platform made available to the rest of the world. Nice move, right?

Here’s another screenshot of eRApps:

Laguna app on Google Play

Interesting? Download now!

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