Milk Tea Houses in Laguna (Plus Some Health Facts on Tea)

Milk Tea Houses in LagunaHave you been drinking milk tea to join the bandwagon or you just want an alternative for coffee? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking drinking milk tea is a healthier option?

I will nod my head for the things mentioned above except for the bandwagon thing. I’ve been frequenting coffee shops in town since they emerged here and there. That’s either for plain hanging out with friends or for events client meeting. But because drinking coffee has different effects on me, I sometimes opt for the less overpowering alternative – milk tea.

It has been told for centuries that tea will make your body healthier. Well, they’re actually talking about plain tea (the black or the green ones) and not the Wintermelon or Peach and Lychee variants that you often order in that new tea house in town.

Studies show that milk lessens or blocks the health benefits of tea. So that means the plain black tea is way better than the one with milk. Tea is a great source of antioxidants known as flavonoids and with milk added to your tea, the flavonoids content will be reduced.

But, if drinking milk tea gives you a happier disposition like some friends I know, a glass per week won’t hurt. Just don’t make it a daily habit.

Moving on, here are a couple of milk tea houses/shops in Laguna which you can visit for a tea date.

Gotcha-a! Milk Tea
21 Barleta Street, Brgy. IV-B
San Pablo City
0915 540 8696

Nuvali Bldg. B, Solenad 2, Tagaytay Rd
Santa Rosa, Laguna
(049) 302-0053

across University of Perpetual Help

bon appeTEA
Pacita Ave (Pacita Complex), San Pedro

Cha Dao Tea Place
SM Sta. Rosa
2/F SM Sta. Rosa, National Rd
Santa Rosa, Laguna
(0917) 753-9252

Moonleaf Tea Shop
Ruby Street, Los Baños, Laguna

Fruitea Time
2nd Floor SM City Calamba
Calamba, Laguna

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