Nagcarlan’s Ana Kalang Festival (History)

Giant statues are commonly called in Nagcarlan as “kalang-kalangs”, from which the name of the festival (and the palace itself) is derived from.

Ana Kalang according to a myth was known for her tremendous wealth, kindness, piety, and generosity. During her time, she was always around to help her townmates whenever in trouble that even among the Spaniards, her popularity is truly acknowledged.

Street dancing and colorful “kalang-kalang” are the major attraction during the grand parade which is held in the afternoon of the final day. Street dancers dressed in spectacular native costumes dance in the street side by side with the giant “kalang-kalangs” as people scramble merrily over several lechons offered for free to any bystander. The music of the drum and lyre corps from different schools fills the air, as beautiful minorettes in elegant uniforms dance to its rhythm.

Another special feature of the festival is the “Sunduan”, meaning “to fetch”. Sunduan is an old Filipino fiesta ritual that pays tribute to the Filipina’s unique Asian beauty. This is participated in by the muses and escorts of the town’s different communities. These muses are then fetched by their escorts with the town Mayor accompanying them from the farthest end of the town to the festival site. All garbed in native costumes, these muses then vie for the “Bb. Ana Kalang” title.

Straddling across the foot of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal, Nagcarlan is considered the biggest of the upland towns of Laguna. Its approximately more than 43,000 inhabitants can always be deemed industrious, as seen in the abundance of rice, coconuts and lanzones (in fact the biggest supplier of sweet lanzones in the Metropolis).

Even during festival, Nagcarleno’s skills in handicraft—making and basket-weaving are duly recognized and appreciated as showcased in booths in the Agro-Trade exhibits. Secondary agricultural crops like fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee and root crops, which are grown the whole year-round, are also exhibited and are for sale both to local and foreign visitors and folks from neighboring towns.

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  1. If you mention the date and month of the year when the festival takes place, it will be very useful for foreigners like me. I saw the documentary about Ana Kalang Festival and missed out on hearing the details as to when the festival will occur.

  2. Fitz Duba says:

    The Ana Kalang Festival takes place on the third week of April

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