Why May is the Best Month to Visit Pagsanjan?

Because it is the month when you can experience the beauty and richness of the culture of the town of Pagsanjan.

Celebrate the Maytime festivals of Pagsanjan! These are the Fiesta de San Isidro (Feast Day of St. Isidore), the Flores de Mayo (The Flowers of May), and the Santacruzan (Festival of the Cross).

Fiesta de San Isidro

St. Isidore is the patron saint of one of the barrios in town, San Isidro. This is where you can experience true barrio fiesta, with activities that spell fun and a hundred percent native.

The highlight of the event is the carabao race where prizes are given to participating farmers. There is also a procession done barefoot by the farmers clad in barong tagalog and red trousers. This is to thank St. Isidore for the bounty harvest all throughout the year.

Maytime Festivals in Pagsanjan, LagunaFlores de Mayo

Every late afternoon or evening starting May 1 to May 30, the girls in town take part in the novena and flower offering to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Every night there is hermano/hermana mayor who shoulder the expenses for the entire evening.


Like in other towns where this religious activity is being held, Santacruzan in Pagsanjan is participated by selected ladies around town. This is the time where you would see the town’s loveliest parading in their beautiful gowns or ternos.

This is a little downside as the years passed by, because what should be a strictly religious endeavor has turned into pageant-ish event, with the ladies getting dolled up to standout.

Nevertheless, the Santacruzan in Pagsanjan is still another event you should not miss.

And when you visit Pagsanjan, don’t forget a trip to the famous Pagsanjan Falls.

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