Native delicacies from Laguna Province for Your Media Noche

Several hours to go before we say hello to a new year! A moment to spend with the whole family and lots of traditions to do for a prosperous year.

Well as I can see, everybody’s busy preparing for New Year’s Eve. There you have the circular fruits to display, clothes with dots to wear, coins etc. Of course, Filipinos who love to eat won’t let New Year’s pass without preparing food, lots of food.

And well, if you haven’t prepared yet the dishes you want to share with your family for this coming Media Noche, try these native delicacies from Laguna province.

Bibingka de Macapuno– the Bibingka de Macapuno which is similar to the usual bibingka but it has macapuno as its filling.

Kinulob na Itik-A popular dish from Victoria, laguna

Puto Biñan Special-a popular variety of kakanin in Laguna, check this link for recipe.

Kesong Puti Dishes- Kesong Puti Bruschetta Trio, Grilled Kesong Puti and Tomato Salad, Pinaputok na Kesong Puti,check this link for recipe

These are just few of those delicacies, you can share other delicacies that you are planning to prepare for New Year’s Eve, just leave your comment below. 🙂

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