Sans Rival from San Pablo: Another Unnamed Goodness

May 12, Mother’s Day, my uncle bought us another unnamed sweet treat from San Pablo City. If the unbranded ‘French cake’ was the star of last year’s Mother’s Day, this time around, it’s the sans rival with no name that struck our hearts.

It has a white packaging with red-inked ‘sans rival’ printed all over the paper. Just that and a ‘keep frozen’ reminder and their telephone number. As simple as that. We’re not sure if they named it straightforwardly ‘Sans Rival’ but whatever the rationale is, the product is really good!

It has three thick layers of meringue and buttercream icing in between with sweetness that’s not too overpowering and generous amount of cashew nuts! I prefer the meringue to be a bit chewy but this sans rival from San Pablo is really good and relatively cheaper than those you find in cafes around town.

Sans Rival from San Pablo City, LagunaHalf block is sold at P380 while the whole sans rival is priced at only P500! The house that sells this unnamed or unbranded sans rival is in San Francisco Terraces Subdivision in San Pablo City. You can contact them at 049 562 3620. Call them first so you would know where to pick your order. Not sure if they deliver.

Oh, because of our excitement in munching up this sans rival, I wasn’t able to take pictures of it so the inserted photo of the half block sans rival was just downloaded. Credits to

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