Popular Products of Laguna (and where to get them)

In our recent post, we have shared the popular man-made attractions of the province. Now, we’ll be sharing the list Laguna’s popular products and where to get them.

Puto Biñan (special rice cake) – Biñan

Uraro cookies (arrow root) – Liliw

Pineapples – Calauan

Buko pie and cassava cake – Los Baños

Native sweets and preserved delicacies – San Pablo and Calauan

Lanzones and rambutan fruits – Pakil and Paete

Kesong Puti (native white cheese) – Sta. Cruz and UP Los Baños

Products of Laguna Province

Lambanog (coconut wine) – Liliw, Luisiana and Majayjay

Traditional embroidered formal wear – Lumban

Shoes, slippers and leather goods – Liliw

Cut-flowers and decorative plants – Los Baños and Bay

Woodcarvings and paper mache – Paete

Woodshaving – Pakil

Handmade paper/rice paper – Los Baños

Native pandan bags and mats – Luisiana

Rattan chairs and hammocks – Siniloan

So on your next visit to Laguna, you know what to buy and where to purchase them. 😉

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  1. last 2011 on la laguna festival, i bought rambutan wine from the booth of calauan, and the address in the bottle says its calauan. my parents liked it a lot.

    i wanted to buy some, so that my cousins and relatives in pangasinan might taste the wonderful wine. where can i buy these wonderful wines? because last 2012 i cannot find the wines from the booths.

    i hope you can help me. thank you very much.

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