Forest Club Eco Resort, Every Group’s Top Destination

The Forest Club Eco Resort - team-building venue in LagunaForest Club Eco Resort is among the top destinations for team-building and company outings in Laguna. Located in Barangay Puypuy, Bay, this resort provides essential amenities for every guest to enjoy.

These are some of the facilities they have in the resort:

    – Swimming pool
    – Main conference room
    – Poolside huts
    – Open field
    – Basketball court
    – Flower garden
    – Palm garden
    – Forest garden
    – Medicinal herb garden
    – Garden sculptures
    – Lotus lagoon

If you checked on their official website, you would see featured company outings and team-building events held in the resort. Forest Club Eco Resort is famous among companies and for large groups who are out looking for a place to conduct activities or just a fun outing.

Check their official website for the rates and other important details:

Contact the Forest Club Eco Resort through the following numbers: (+632) 376-4623, (+6349) 304-1021

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