Restaurants in Laguna for Different Cravings, Budget, and Appetite

When you search for a place to eat, most of the time, you decide based on three things: (1) your cravings, (2) your budget, (3) your appetite.

Here are some of the restaurants around the province which you can choose from based on the three criteria given above. And oh, sometimes mood affects your dining preference. So just try to dig in. 😉

Plato Rodizia Garden Barbeque
Known for: their grilled dishes, beers, chill night-outs
Best for: people with big appetite and BBQ lovers
Location: Umali Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna

Plato Rodizia - Los Baños, Laguna

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Sierra Hills Exotik Restaurant
Known for: line-up of exotic dishes like kuhol (edible snails) and pating (shark)
Best for: people who love dining in restaurants with unique dishes and good view and ambience
Location: Highway, Longos, Kalayaan
Telephone Number: (049) 820-0086

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan
Known for: floating restaurant huts
Best for: people who love Filipino dishes and who don’t mind waiting for some time before food becomes available
Budget: around P200 per person
Location: Bay National Highway

Patis Tito Garden Cafe
Known for: the lovely restaurant interior and the Filipino dishes with a twist
Best for: families and small groups of friends in terms of servings, for people who love food and the arts (an exhibit of artworks are on display in a specific area of the restaurant)
Location: 285 Barangay Sta. Cruz Putol, San Pablo, Laguna
Telephone Numbers: 7244231 and 0916-4439092

Mr. Botchog Tapsihan at Binalot
Known for: -Silog meals
Best for: inexpensive student meals
Location: Along Pulo road to Malayan College turn right to Villa Adelina, Cabuyao

Ding Hao Chinese Cuisine
Known for: authentic Chinese dishes
Best for: large groups with big appetite
Budget: They have set meals for group of 12 persons for P5720 which is a nine-course meal. But if you for small groups who do not want set meals, they have a la carte meals but prices are still a little expensive (small soup costs P130).
Location: National Highway, Lecheria, Calamba City
Telephone Numbers: (049)545-1585/545-1905 or (02)520-8827

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