Calauan, Laguna

Calauan, Laguna

Calauan is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 54,248 people in 8,818 households.Calauan lies on the central part of Laguna. It is bounded on the North by Laguna de Bay, on the South by San Pablo City, on the East by Nagcarlan and on the West by the Municipality of Bay. It is 75 kms. from Manila 21 kms. from Sta. Cruz 5 kms. from neighboring town Bay. The town is characterized by level land, rice fields, coconut plantations, which is approximately 76.96% of the total land area. The remaining 23.04% consists of sloppy rolling terrain mostly planted by coconut and pineapple


Calauan is an agricultural town with seventeen (17) barangays covering approximately 7458.6629 hectares of land. It is located at the central part of Laguna. The town got its name from the term “Kalawang” which means rust. It was claimed that for centuries lumps of rust surfaced and drifted gently on a body of water now called Macalawang Spring. This spring is situated nearly three kilometers from the town proper.

Another interesting premise, upon which the name Calauan was chosen, has a little story to tell. During the early part of Spanish sovereignty over the Philippines, there was a village located west of the town where an old man found a cross made of stone. Since Christianity was being introduced in the town, the people felt they should treat such cross with value and reverence. They held a mass at the spot where the stone was found. To the surprise of all, during the celebration of the mass, water sprang out from the exact place where the stone was located. The water was yellowish and “rusty”. To commemorate this mysterious event, the people built a church on the site. They made sure that the altar was constructed right on the spot where the water had sprung out. The village had grown larger and populated and became the town proper. Being mostly farmers, the people chose to honor San Isidro Labrador and San Roque as their Patron Saints. May 15 and 16 respectively, have been their celebration dates. Until now, the celebration of feast day continues to live on. The various traditions and the rich culture of Calauan are still being observed.

Calauan is politically subdivided into 17 barangays.
Lamot 1
Lamot 2
Kanluran (Pob.)
Silangan (Pob.)
San Isidro
Santo Tomas

Calauan, Laguna Map

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