El Pueblo El San Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove of Cavinti Laguna

The Municipality of Cavinti has recently launched the new Ecotourism Park called El Pueblo El Salvador del Mundo (The Town of El Salvador). It was name after venerable patron of Cavinti El Salvador del Mundo.

The El Pueblo will provide an alternative access to the Magdapio Falls through one of the country’s most impressive and accessible trails. The alternative trail will enable tourists to access alternative falls, swimming areas, bat caves and rapids.

The development of the circumferential road leading down to the Nakulo Falls Picnic Area, Tibatib Nature Trail with erection of the Metal Ladders going up the Bayakan Falls, Cavinti Falls,preservation of the Bayakan and Cavinti Fruit Bat Caves are the components of this very worthwhile Eco-tourism Park.

image from:en.wikipedia.org


  1. Judy Austria says:

    Hi recently we visited pueblo el salvador for our feasibility study. May i request for its organizational chart?
    Thank you for the response 🙂

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