Tatlong Krus in Paete, Laguna

Tatlong Krus - places to visit in Paete, Laguna - how to goEven if its not Holy Week, Tatlong Krus (Three Crosses) in the town of Paete seems to be a coveted destination of people who want to have a silent retreat.

Tatlong Krus is situated at the peak of Mt. Humarap which is part of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

The journey to Tatlong Krus may not be as easy breezy as you hope it would be. Nobody climbs up a mountain without catching breath anyway. A few minutes before reaching Tatlong Krus is Matabungka Falls where a lot of trekkers opt to stay for quite longer in their descend after reaching Tatlong Krus.

Upon reaching Tatlong Krus, you will be rewarded with an overlooking view of Paete down under and the refreshing scenery of Laguna de Bay. This may be a cheesy advice but when you reach Tatlong Krus, take time to reflect on some things about your life and see the beauty in front of your eyes in a deeper perspective.

Expect a lot of people crowding the place during Holy Week so if you want to have the rest of the destination all for you and your company, have your visit during these months.

How to go to Tatlong Krus:

Upon reaching Sta. Cruz, Laguna then take a jeepney ride to Paete. When you reach Paete, you can walk (to warm up your legs and feet) or take a tricycle ride to Brgy. Ilaya Norte which is your starting point for the trek.

Photo: nivramcire.multiply.com

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