It Takes Two to Enjoy Nuvali for a Day

Yes, it took us two visits to Nuvali last Sunday, March 18th, to enjoy the place. And it takes two happy individuals to make the most out of a Nuvali experience.

From Lipa City in Batangas, we decided to go out of town for lunch. Lakas ng trip ano? Together with the Temple Run king, I enjoyed the road trip with a different kind of randomness. Hey, spontaneity is the key to this happy trip!

I told him to drive to wherever he wants to until we get really hungry. It was just in time for lunch when we reached Nuvali. So we’re off to a Nuvali lunch.

We chose to dine in at the newly opened Solenad 2. After a few minutes of roaming around the area to check out where we could have lunch, we ended up at Army Navy Burgers and Burritos! Yum yum. The Temple Run king had his huge double-patty burger while I had burritos and their thin strips french fries that I really enjoyed to the last piece.

Sad thing I wasn’t able to take photos of our lunch 🙁 Our meal costs around P480 with our choice of drinks. Not bad for a tummy-filling carbo-loaded lunch! Haha.

The sun was scorching hot for us to move to Solenad 1 so we decided to head off to somewhere cooler. Next stop? Tagaytay City!

I won’t be sharing our Tagaytay trip here. The link is intended for that one. 😉

Before going back home, we went back to Nuvali to (1) have a late snack/an early dinner, (2) catch the sunset, (3) shop at the bazaar, (3) go boating. We were able to do only the first two. Haha.

We went to the bazaar set up in one of the parking areas. That was a shopping haven! But I held back and stopped myself from buying even a single item. There were lots of good, affordable stuffs though.

Veering away from the bazaar, we moved to the Lakeside Evozone to catch the last boat ride trip. But we were a bit late. Anyways, there’s always a next time.

We indulge ourselves with the nice view near the man-made lake. There were a lot of people around the boat deck, most were feeding the countless koi fish.

Nuvali - Lakeside Evozone

Good thing we got to see a lovely sunset there at Nuvali. Just bear with my Samsung Galaxy Y for taking this shot.

Nuvali - sunset

Before it got dark, we were in search of another restaurant for our late snack/early dinner. The Temple Run king craved for Jamaican patties, so we looked for the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties. It was a cool diner. Look!

Nuvali - Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

They’ve got the coolest chairs! Bongga. You can imagine sitting by the beach shore on these chairs. We opted to sat near the glass panels so we could watch the people outside.

Nuvali - Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

I can’t wait for another free weekend to spend in Nuvali. Share your own Nuvali stories with us by leaving a comment below. 🙂

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