Buruwisan Falls and Its Irresistible Features

Laguna is indeed a good place for travelers especially those nature lovers and adventurous people.

Each town in Laguna has its own attractive natural resources. Yes, every town in Laguna is a good destination.

To name one, Siniloan, a town where in Buruwisan Falls is located. The Buruwisan Falls is one of the five falls found in the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, the others being Guiling-Guiling Falls, Lanzones Falls, Binaytuan Falls, and Sebakon Falls. Most of these falls are still unexplored. Buruwisan Falls is the most popular because it is the most accessible.

The area around Buruwisan falls is good for camping. For mountaineers, this place is an excellent training ground for neophyte mountain climbers.

You better gear up well if you are going visit this place. 😉

image from:virtualtourist.com

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